Medical Marijuana Dispensary Directory

A number of states have legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana. This has brought about the establishment of formal marijuana dispensaries meant to serve the growing number of customers. If you are thinking about heading out to a pot shop for the first time, follow the tips below to raise your chances of having the most fulfilling shopping experience.



Before you make your way to a pot shop near you, be sure to have an idea of what you want. Marijuana comes in different strains; each associated with a different high. Pot shops usually have a wide variety of strains; as such, it is important that you research the best strain as per your needs, and ask for it at the dispensary. Indica and Sativa are the two main marijuana strains available. The former is associated with a relaxing high known to relieve pain; while the latter is associated with a more active/energizing high. Other strains combine these two effects to suit the needs of the user.


Most pot shops usually have a wide variety of weed products available for sale. These products are consumed through different methods. It is important for you as a customer to have an idea of the products you want to purchase, based on your preferred consumption method. Some of the popular marijuana consumption methods include smoking, vaping and ingestion. If you intend to smoke or vape your weed, you might need to be in possession of related apparatus. Ingesting weed edibles should be done with caution as the high, which takes longer to kick in, usually lasts longer.


Now that you have an idea of what you want to purchase during your visit to your preferred pot shop, it’s time to learn more about what you need to get into the store. The documents you need to enter a weed dispensary depend on whether you looking for medical or recreational weed. To purchase medicinal marijuana, you need to be in possession of a medical marijuana card. On the other hand, to purchase weed for recreational use, you only need to have a valid ID; here, a passport or driver’s license will work. It is worth mentioning that different entrances are used by recreational and medicinal marijuana customers at dispensaries dealing in both types of products.


Most marijuana dispensaries only deal in cash. As such, it is important that you come with the necessary amount of cash needed to purchase the products you need; otherwise, you may end up going home with nothing. You should ask around from other weed enthusiasts, or check out online reviews to find out the current cost of the products you are looking to purchase. This way, you only carry the money you need. Although some weed dispensaries have ATMs nearby, most charge a commission that you might not want to shoulder.


Every marijuana dispensary has a team of budtenders ready and willing to cater to each customer’s needs. Although some budtenders are more knowledgeable than others, they always have something useful to say. If you are new to marijuana or have any questions lingering in your mind, be sure to ask the attendants. Their work is to ensure that all customers, beginners and experienced users alike, have the most satisfying shopping experience. Getting their help when you need it will ensure that you get value for your money as you will have a better chance of choosing the right products as per your needs. The above tips will help you prepare adequately for your very first marijuana dispensary visit..

With marijuana becoming legal in more states there are more marijuana dispensaries opening up.  If you are going to visit a marijuana dispensary then you could find the first visit to be a bit surreal.  However, there is nothing to be nervous about if you understand some of the basic rules of dispensary etiquette.

Do Some Research Before Visiting

Before you visit the dispensary you should do some research into the popular dispensaries in your area. There could be many dispensaries all offering different benefits and drawbacks. Some dispensaries will offer great deals while others have great opening hours. It is important that you research them online and ask any friends who have visited for what you can expect.

Have A Plan

Knowing that you want to buy marijuana is only the first step as you will need to know what kind and how much. It is important that you know what your budget is and should have an ideal shopping list before you go to the pot shop. When you have a plan you are less likely to impulse buy and spend too much. Additionally, when you have a plan of what you want to buy you will not have to make everyone wait while you try and determine what you want.

Have Current Photo Identification

When you visit a marijuana dispensary you need to have some form of ID on you because it is still strictly controlled and only sold to people over a set age. Temporary identification will not work as many front desk staff will not allow you to enter the dispensary with this. You will need to have your passport or a current state-issued ID with you.

Your identification will be checked not only by the front desk, but by the budtender as well. The second check will be done before you actually purchase anything so it is important to have the ID ready.

Take Cash With You

While there are dispensaries which accept credit and debit card payment. However, there are others that do not because of the clashing interests of federally-owned banking systems. This is why it is important to take cash with you until you are aware of the dispensary’s policy. There is also the fact that a cash buy makes it easier for you to tip the budtender if you want to.

Be Careful With Your Mobile Phone

Most people are attached to their mobile phone, but you need to be careful about how you use it in the dispensary. Most dispensaries will have a no picture policy and as such will restrict the use of phones in their premises. Even if there is no phone policy then you should consider whether or not taking a picture, texting and chatting are appropriate.

Understand The Privacy Space

Pharmacies will often have a line that customers are not able to cross to ensure the privacy of the person at the counter. Most dispensaries will have a similar policy even if it is not always clearly defined. If there is no hard line then you need to consider the privacy of the other people in the store. There are many people who are in the dispensary for marijuana to treat their medical conditions and would not want others to hear about this.